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A las 03.35 am esta cosa enana se pone a maullar en la ventana y barsamente entra a la pieza.
Art attack
"Se buscan hombres para viaje arriesgado, poco sueldo, frio extremo, largos meses de oscuridad total, peligro constante, regreso a salvo dudoso, honor y reconocimiento en caso de exito.  (en Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda)
Una rubia

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10 years ago today, the music video for “Everytime” was released. Directed by David LaChapelle, the video shows a paparazzo hitting Britney with a camera, and she unknowingly gets a wound on her head. Later, Britney realize she is bleeding from the wound. She loses consciousness in the bathtub and starts to drown. But the original concept of the video was supposed to have Britney killing herself by taking an overdose of prescription drugs and drowning in the bathtub. This concept leaked online and received negative reception, and then it was changed.

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